Wednesday 4 April 2018

New from Echozone

Inner Core - Snowstorm (Official Video)

With their first official video for the song 'Snowstorm' the german female fronted symphonic rock band INNER CORE set the mark for the upcoming album 'Soultaker', which will be released on April, 6th.

The video was partly shot on a snowy mountain top location as well as in the live club Café Verkehrt.

It all starts in the core - this is what the ambitious symphonic metal / hard rock band INNER CORE from Lörrach (Germany) has been spreading through their music to the outside world since 2013. This core is surrounded, sustained and embodied by the five musicians Anna Rogg (vocals), Massimo Giardiello (guitar), Artur Schall (keys & vocals), Ricardo Echeverria (bass) and Stefan Zimmerling (drums).

Ten songs were produced in the Spacelab Studios by Christian "Moschus" Moos and mastered by well known producer / musician EROC - the birth of the first studio album "Soultaker".

Self-composed and written songs set a fire of melodious keyboard sounds, catchy guitar solos and fevered rhythms to the core. Anna's powerful voice gives every single song a distinctive touch and soul.

Born out of a fresh joy of playing, the charismatic voice of Anna and an excellent production, a variety of different songs will captivate the listener and make them look forward to the band's live shows.

INNER CORE - an impressive mixture of classic, rock and metal elements.

The Cascades – Behind The Curtain (Official Video)

The new THE CASCADES video for the song 'Behind The Curtain' was shot in Union Service Cinema, Elsdorf. Video and song present the classic gothic rock band as epic and charismatic fans have hoped for.

After the release of their Best Of album "Diamonds & Rust" in autumn 2017 which included songs from their first five albums as well as the new german title "Wenn der Regen kommt", the gothic rockers The Cascades are back on track working on a brand new longplayer which is due for release in autumn this year.

The first new single from the upcoming album is called "Behind The Curtain" and has been released along with a b-side of "Phase 4", which was only available as a demo on the Best Of Album and now been finished in production. More singles and also videos will be released within the next couple of months.


Mills – New World (Official Video)

The current video for the song "New World" has now been released on the ECHOZONE Label channel. The visual presentation emphasizes the band's capabilities of creating complex and deeply emotional songs which they prove on the highly rated last album "monochrome".

Since their founding in 1994, Mills have worked their way through various stages of development and line-up changes. Today, the line-up consists of the founding members Alexander Steiner (guitar, keys) and Walter Glatz (vocals, keys) who also perform as a duo live on stage.

The current sound of Mills features a mix of synth pop, dark pop, gothic and partly dark electro. Their music is an exciting combination of various styles of the 80s, 90s and present day. The fusion of synth pop and slightly harder guitar riffs is reminiscent of the days of Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion", though without getting too close to this special style.

Strongly characterized by Walter Glatz' melancholy voice and instrumentally concentrated on the essentials, the eight songs of the new album "monochrome" proverbially float and take the listener into a dark and dreamy world full of audio-visual shades of grey. With every repeated listening, the album reveals new facets of emotional depths which boils the duo's musical goal down to an essence.

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