Monday 30 April 2018

New from Echozone

Eilera - Face Your Demons (Official Lyric Video)
After the release of the longplayer "Face Your Demons" and great feedback from both press and fans, a brand new lyric video for the album title track has now been released.

"Face Your Demons" demonstrates Eilera's capabilities of creating catchy rock songs driven by her charismatic voice and intelligent as well as deeply emotional lyrics.

a personal note from Eilera regarding the song and clip : “Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you”, Carl Jung wrote. And i sang Face Your Demons. Thank you my music companions on the song Roni, Toni, Jan, Lauri and thank you David, my new visual companion who gave it motion.

Nervenbeisser - Du Gehst
Right in time for the support shows NERVENBEISSER will play for CREMATORY starting from May, 9th, the brand new single "Du gehst" will be released on May, 5th. The official music video has already been released on the band's youtube channel.

The single features three additional club remixes of the title track as well as a special club remix from the album song "Irgendwann".

Florian Grey - Until We Go Down
The brand new Florian Grey album RITUS will be released on may, 18th. After the first teaser single "My Babylon", which was exclusively released on Bandcamp, the next single for "Until We Go Down" will be released on May 4th, along with a music video, which features the current band lineup for the first time in action.

The single features a special "mechanical moth remix" as well as an instrumental version.

The Cascades - Phase 4 (Official Lyric Video)
After the release of the current single "Behind The Curtain" the gothic rockers The Cascades are working on their next full length album to be releases in atumn this year. There will also be another new single available just before summer.

Now a special lyric video for the current's single b-side "Phase 4" has been released and is online on our YouTube channel.

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