Tuesday 10 April 2018

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Nox Interna - A Minor Road

After a very long period of concerts and festival, Nox Interna will release their EP "A Minor Road" in May 2018 as the forerunner for their upcoming fourth studio album due in 2019.

"A Minor Road" is a 3 track EP featuring two original Nox Interna songs “A Minor Road” and “Doomed Generation” and a cover version of “Entre Dos Tierras” from the Spanish band Heroes del Silencio.

The songs on this EP are very emotional and reflect what happened to Nox Interna mastermind Richy Nox during the last years. "Doomed Generation" is a song about the disconnection of humanity being blind and separated from one another by technologies - not only on a social level, but also on a personal level - and the corresponding, negative effects.

"A Minor Road" deals with the confusion of every human being about their life's journey, how they are forced to forget in order to simply keep on living, and the continuous uncertainty that puts pessure on us day by day being expressed by the lyrics as well as the sound on "A Minor Road".

The cover version "Entre Dos Tierras" has been repeatedly played by Nox Interna in their shows and is very much loved by the audience asking again and again for a recorded version of the song. The result presents a sound and atmosphere perfectly adapted for Nox Interna, but still maintaining the purity of the original song.

Peter Geltat and Ramy Ali supported the recording of the EP as great friends and musicians. Lutz Demmler (ASP) mixed, mastered and produced the songs in his Twilight Sound Studios in Karlsruhe.

An Erotic End Of Times - One second after

In one second only a world can change, a life can change. One second can bring life, one second can bring death. One second after, it could be the end of times. The beginning of a new era.

Dan Terminus, one of the finest French synth wave artists among Pertubator and Carpenter Brut, brings us an electro wave version of this ode to life and death. The French industrial rock band Heartlay, led by Dimitri Sadrin who previously remixed the song "Love Is The End", continues the collaboration and presents an outstanding and energetic version of the song to us.

Cardillac Complex - Something Will Remain

Cardillac Complex stand for dark melodic rock somewhere between gothic and metal, alternative and pop. For songs full of melodic radiance, heart-pounding melancholy and energetic low-jerk, in short: Dark Melodic Rock! Five years after "Forgotten Reasons", the quintet from Münster is going to release their debut album "Something Will Remain" on Echozone in May 2018.

Since the foundation in 2010, Cardillac Complex (pronounced: cardiac complex) have gathered a loyal fan base in their hometown of Münster (Germany). They also played as support for German industrial metal heroes Stahlmann and did well reaching the final rounds of several local band competitions.

"Forgotten Reasons", their debut EP, got good reviews in many print and online magazines in the gothic scene and beyond. The 'Gothic Magazine' (#85) was "eager for more", the renowned 'Metal Hammer' (09/13) highly praised the work for its stylistic variety and 'Gitarre & Bass' (08/13) wrote that Cardillac Complex were "newcomers that you should be aware of". The sleaze rock-style "Shadowplay" was a minor hit being played on the evening programme of the main regional radio station WDR.

With "Something Will Remain" Cardillac Complex continue their chosen musical path. They still plunder the collection of rock and metal history adding (more or less obviously) embellishments from pop, progressive rock or folk music and so creating their very own original sound which reveals again and again new details throughout the 12 album tracks. The opening track "Life Won" combines harsh guitar riffs with subtle electronics and contrasting stormy rock beats combined with delicate piano melodies, "Belief" rolls in with folksy 6/8 grooves, acoustic guitars and polyphonic vocals, "Legacy" grabs you with its ethereal atmosphere, and "All The Monsters" is the perfect rock ballad on the album. In addition, Cardillac Complex tend towards prog and post rock structures on "Something Will Remain" including repetitive sound walls and intricate 5/8 and 6/8 beats - all the while keeping a catchy pop tune within reach.

Stylistic variety as a principle - the musical dozen is wrapped within a dark and thoughtful atmosphere. However, Cardillac Complex are certainly not in any way depressive. Having a strong penchant for a touch of melancholy, songs like "Yesterday's Burden" convey in no uncertain terms to leave everything negative behind you despite all the hardships of life. To all critics who dismiss the stylistic diversity on "Something Will Remain" as insecurity, the band calmly contradicts: Life is not black or white but consists of many different colors and moods. Why should Cardillac Complex limit themselves to just one?

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