Monday 23 April 2018

New from Echozone

Florian Grey - My Babylon
The first single from the upcoming Florian Grey album RITUS, which will be released on Mai, 18th is called "My Babylon" and sets the tone for the bands evolved musical style. The single features an instrumental b-side and is exclusively available via the ECHOZONE Bandcamp store starting from april, 20th and worldwide digital from april 27th.

On may, 4th the next single "Until We Go Down" will be released along with a music video, which features the full Florian Grey band lineup for the first time ever. This single will also feature a very special remix, which will be announced soon. After the album release the third single "Relief" will be published on June, 15th along with another music video.

PORN - Dream On
The new PORN single "Dream On", a cover version of the Aerosmith classic track, will be released on may, 4th. This single is a brand new recording and not taken from the last album "The Ogre Inside" and comes with two additional remixes by Heartlay and An Erotic End Of Times. The tracks were produced by Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost).

The band is working on a new album and will also go on tour later this year, including some dates in France supporting Lord Of The Lost and additional german dates. A full tour newsletter will be published soon.

All The Ashes - Zurück Auf 0
After a short break, ALL THE ASHES returns in May 2018 with their new single 'Zurück auf 0' (Back to zero). The song will be released on Echozone and comes along with numerous interpretations and remixes by various artists and by the band itself. It's the first release of ATA's new album which is planed for the turn of the year.

Musically and thematically, the song follows the 15-year history of ALL THE ASHES seam-lessly, even though the new singer Ralph brings fresh wind and new energy. The listener can expect an interesting mix of the dark 80's and the flawless sound of modernity. Melodic, danceable ... just ALL THE ASHES.

Back to 0!
Personal self-realization without regard to losses. Moral, family and social concerns fall by the wayside. We are on the way to collapse and do not want to see it. We write another story of creation, which knows only its own realization. We play theater, we only see externals, we do not have a look for the essentials anymore.
At some point, human collapse will happen, and then we will see that it is not about blinking and behaving in an egoistic way, and we have to start over ... at zero.

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