Friday 13 April 2018

Wave Gotik Treffen - The Preview June 2018

The gathering of 2018s Wave Gotik Treffen, is approaching fast.

111 artists are already confirmed. The main acts sweep from the synthpop of De/Vison to the depth of The Beauty of Gemina. From North Americas new synth of Mr Kitty, to Imperium Dekadenz,

The strength of WGT stretches into its 27th year, where May shall see over 20,000 dark patrons from all corners the globe, come together in communion over Leipzig. Making Wave-Gotik-Treffen the international dark gathering over Whitsun.

Apart from famous artists of the scene, new discoveries from the edges of the Gothic universe participate. The festival is for typical headliners, however encompassing the complete trinity of the Gothic subculture is the purpose of WGT. As well not just for music, but the whole subculture.

Throughout the city, there will be more than 200 bands, projects and single artists covering the whole range of Gothic music: from EBM to Neofolk, from medieval to cold wave. For the real-time updates, click here to the WGT forum!

To discover the wide range of genres this year, explore the 
attached playlist.

2018 Discoveries

Some fascinating new appearances to watch out for. Definitely for this year, there is a strong pull towards minimal and cold wave comers:

Black Line
Electro, IDM, Experimental | United Kingdom / USA
A new project from the US producer cyrusrex, who has worked with Skinny Puppy and Depeche Mode. Collaborates with Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb) and many others. the first work "Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities" is creation of electronic excitement for noise makers. Live this year not only as support of the current Depeche Mode Tour, but also at the WGT in Leipzig!
Techno, EBM | Iran
After "Konkurs" was unable appear at the WGT last year, due to personal reasons Their side project ‘A Blush Response’ entertained as a solo show. Lovers of sombre and New Beat influenced by Techno, get another chance this year to suffer some evil leg spasms from dancing.

Silent Runners
Postpunk, Synth Wave |
You can see it clearly – the genre is booming like no other, and all over the globe new bands pop up nearly every week. This is also reflected in the WGT lineup. Arriving on the scene at the end of 2017 in neighboring Holland, they’ve been very convincing from the first notes of their debut "The Directory".

Postpunk, Coldwave | USA Their eponymous debut album on "Manic Depression" was one of the best records of the last year and brings fans of the early Cocteau Twins, Banshees or Chameleons to tears of joy. Live as powerful as recorded. Do not miss!

Death Industrial | Sweeden
Not brand new, and they’ve played WGT before. Nevertheless, recommended again for those who mourn the ritual machine sounds of Cold Meat bands like Brighter Death Now, Memorandum or Mental Destruction.

Synth Wave, Techno | Australia
Linea Aspera or Keluar are previous projects from Zoe Zanias. The mentioning of these two projects, should entice you to a memorable performance as one of the highlights this year. Where she will play not only current material but work from all her projects! Cold electro noises in harmony with hypnotic vocals.

Mr. Kitty
Self-Destructive Synthpop | USA
Definitely not needing an introduction. After support shows for VNV Nation in the US and under numerous aliases i.e. Forrest Avery Carne, the Austin based project will certainly be putting on a great show!

The WGT Basics //2018 

The Ticket

The ticket covers all events within WGT, at 120€. Your fine coin covers you for the Thursday to Monday and free public transport throughout the festival in Leipzig, from May 18th to 22nd
The cheapest way to get four walls and a hot shower is through the WGT Forum. Leipzig residents with a free room or whole apartment advertise their free space and have a wide range of sizes and prices, overall very affordable.

Camping- Obsorgekarte

Want to be the party animal in a tent who is all terrain experienced with makeup, mud, sweat and met. Well this is the ticket for you! (aka tent site ticket). It not only acts as your pitch in the black earth, but also as a grand shortcut from the Agra to the Heidnisches Dorf, it also includes the annual Pfingftbote book of the annual engagement. A genuinely nice memory. Cost 25€ from the 18th to 22nd of May.

For car parking at the Treffen-area you have to purchase a parking vignette for 15 € (including advance sale charges). Parking at the Treffen-area (agra-Messepark) is not possible without a parking vignette.

If you are as disorganised as a bat in the sunlight, then start praying to this beautiful piece of coded architecture, it could save you from an A4 paper disaster, as the dear old paper may be your enemy.

The Website
The WGT Forum, will be your one stop shop for everything, however for 1st time English travellers, checking out Sad Goth, is worth your while for some additional tips. Additionally, the official WGT Facebook page for updates.

Thus finally, for inspirational ideas to feed your appetite and to gander at the beautiful symbols of chapters gone by. Check out the WGT gallery.

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