Monday 30 April 2018

The State release music video for 'The Resistance'

The State have released their first new music of the year with a single called The Resistance on all digital platforms; streaming and download. They will also release a new music video to go with it which is essentially a 5 minute 15 second horror film on Youtube, their website, and their socials.

The song arose around a reaction to the complacency of much of society to people like Donald Trump and Theresa May and the corporations and oligarchs who control and own them. The video was shot in a single day in an abandoned office building as a sort of found footage horror film. Daniel Smith and Hector Campbell, both final year film students, were behind the lens and brought their love of horror films to the creative process.

Guitarist Will Goodey joined vocalist/programmer Andy Guy in the band a year ago during the final stages of recording the second album Ministry of Truth. This new track is the first that Will has been involved with the writing process from the start and is the first of many for a planned third album set to be released in the autumn (date tbc).

The State are a gothic industrial / post-punk band based in the east of England. Taking their cue from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, The Cure and Gary Numan, they aim to ensure that their live performances are as intense and rich as their studio works. They interweave heavy driven guitars with synths and samples to create a rich and varied tapestry. Their goal is to provoke and encourage people to question the political and social reality they find themselves in and perhaps do something about it.

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