Thursday 7 March 2013

Editorial: March 2013

As today is a quiet one I thought I'd squeeze my monthly editorial in a few days later than planned. As you will have seen I've started a series on the site that I'd originally intended for another magazine I used to write for looking at visual artists with a dark aesthetic. Kicking off the series is Steven Archer who you will probably know from the band Ego Likeness... and if you don't know of Ego Likeness I urge you to check them out. I have a long list of artists I intend to approach for this series so keep checking back for more.

This week I've been going through some of my old goth vinyl and comparing my new vinyl copy of Fields Of The Nephilim's 'Ceremonies' to the CD version I've already got (yes, I am THAT nerdy audiophile). But it's pretty much universally agreed that the vinyl format hung on by the skin of its teeth through two decades of CD dominance and is now well on the way to making a resurgence (as can be seen in the BBC news articles I reposted on the IVM facebook some weeks back). It can also be seen in the increasing number of bands and labels currently releasing limited edition vinyl and even re-releasing old albums on those lovely black discs.

I've also finally gotten around to writing the second part of the Hammer Horror Head-To-Head articles this week... a little later than scheduled but worth the wait I think. There are a couple of other pieces that I had intended to sort out several weeks ago but just haven't got round to doing yet which I will be cracking on with next week as well, but I won't say anything else just yet...

As always the support this fledgling webzine has had from fans, bands, labels and even other publications has been absolutely fantastic and really goes to show what a strong sense of community there is still in the alternative scene.

Finally, if you are interested in writing for IVM please direct your attention to the tab at the top of the site marked 'Writing For IVM'. We are currently looking for three guest columnists to write about whatever the hell they want each month, as well as writers and reviewers specialising in music, books and films to join the talent pool.

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