Friday 1 March 2013

The Weekly Compendium 01/03/2013

I'm back! Not that any of you noticed though as our lovely Lenore did a nice job on our weekly round-up for the past couple of weeks while I have made merry.

This week we've had plenty of news with confirmations for Wave Gotik Treffan coming in fast, Android Lust releasing a free cover of 'Cemetery Girls', the mighty Nine Inch Nails announcing their return for the end of the year, The details and tour dates for the third AlterRed album, Italian trio Deuxvolt's UK shows AND the track list for the forthcoming March Violets album. I've also seen out of the corner of my eye that Psyclon Nine's original line-up will be getting back together and while that is certainly worth a cheer. However, the news that Italian cyber-metal band T3CHN0PH0B1A have called it a day after ten years certainly is not.

We've also managed to squeeze in a nice interview with another Italian band, NUDE, who had a chat to our Lenore. We've also included reviews for the excellent début album from KatzKab and also the excellent final EP from Goteki.

On the social media front we've had a look at the decline of the pub circuit, seen the trailer for the new film Stoker by Park Chan-Wook, plugged releases by Inertia, CTRLSTIC and The People's Republic Of Europe, and a goth-friendly beer. We've even had a look at the new album art for Gothminister's 'Utopia', browsed Mortiis' ebay account and watched the new video from Tiamat.

I'd say that was worth a pint of Temple Of Love down the pub before it closes and goes gastro on us.

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