Wednesday 6 March 2013

Review: Ghostfeeder - 'Hard Times For Dreamers'

'Hard Times For Dreamers' 

Although a band's list of influences should be just that, many people read them to get a hint of what a new band might be like. Rather than a "we sound just like these guys" they should be a 'if you like them you'll probably like us'. New York four piece Ghostfeeder credit their influences, among others, as NIN, IAMX and Mindless Self-Indulgence - a promising if slightly misleading list, but not necessarily disappointing once expectations have been adjusted.

Their third EP 'Hard Times For Dreamers' is a mix of guitars and electronic synths - the kind popular with industrial rock bands rather than ebm or goth acts. Derek Walborn's classic American rock vocals make the overall sound like Linkin Park - if Linkin Park took out all the crap bits and weren't quite so self-indulgent. There's no fake screaming, (or rapping for that matter, thankfully) and the digital additions are familiar enough to be accessible but not 'industrial rock by numbers'. The lyrics aren't of the usual immature and introspective 'why does everybody hate me?' variety either. The title track is about how difficult it can be trying to create new things in this world. Similarly 'Get Sick Of Me' is about the repetitive and sell-out nature of popular culture. The other two tracks on the EP, 'Just Like That' and 'I'm Right Here', focus on a personal relationship, the physical and emotional sides respectively. 

All the tracks are well produced and the band clearly know how to market themselves. Some might see that as a downside, and along with the more mainstream sound some might be put off. Chris Corner (IAMX) is editing their next video which won't hurt their credibility any though. If Ghostfeeder can stay on the right side of commercial - appealing to the masses who have taste rather than selling out for the big bucks to whatever sounds good that month - Walborn and his boys could become a very popular band.

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