Wednesday 20 March 2013

Review: Cold Divide - 'Weaponized'


Australian industrial metal quartet Cold Divide inject a frantic and glitchy style into what seems to be a very quiet area of the industrial scene. The elements may not be that original with the likes of Skinny Puppy, ohGr, Nine Inch Nails and even Orgy being easy comparisons to make. But the band just have that something about them that makes this EP an intriguing listen.

The band's rock/metal side is fairly straightforward in it's approach with a penchant for chugging rhythms and hanging chords on the choruses. But it's the band's penchant for glitchy electronics that gives them more individuality in a scene that often favours melodies over heavy guitars. The title track 'Weaponized' is perhaps the more balanced sing-a-long anthem of the three tracks which, after it's catchy intro, tends to play things a little too safe. 'Citizen Replaced' feels a bit more disjointed and fun in it's construction that benefits from some great guitar work for an end result that is catchy enough for most industrial rock/metal fans to get into. The final song though 'Cold War Skies' is a very strong offering that pushes the band's glitch elements to stutter and cough throughout its seamless blend of electronic and rock.

The vocals on the tracks tend to vary in quality, getting stronger as the EP progresses, and the mix occasionally feels a little flat on the choruses when you really just want to throw your fist in the air and sing-a-long at the top of your voice.

The songwriting here fundamentally is very good. But the band need that kick to take things to the next level. If they played on the glitchy electronics more they would have no problem making a name for themselves internationally and could possibly revive a side of industrial that seems to have all but stalled.

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