Monday 4 March 2013

Juggernaut Services to release 'Foundations'

As a natural response to the overwhelming feedback in November, PR/Management firm Juggernaut Services have released compilation albums 'Moving Mountains' and 'Calming Cyclones in a limited CD format entitled 'Foundations'.

Limited to 200 copies, the albums will be available at Resistanz Festival at the end of March, and then via Juggernaut

Combining the finest new talent from Ebm to Industrial, Synthpop to Glitch, Juggernaut is a name gradually reaching fever pitch.
Juggernaut Services : 'Foundations' 
CD 1 - 'Calming Cyclones' 
Biomechanimal - Commonwealth (Feat Cryogenic Echelon and Studio-X)*, Retrogramme - Sanctuary, Pittersplatter - Mummies and Music Boxes, Revenant Cult - Spectral Heresy (Club Mix)*, Draconic Elimination Projects Feat. MiXE1 - Violet, United and Identified - Mirror of Denial, FutureFrenetic - P45 **, Draconic Elimination Projects - Daisy**, Plastic Noose - Road To Perdition, Kaltherzig - Messiah*, Pittersplatter - Frozen, United and Identified - X-Truth-E, Controlled Collapse - Cube (Retrogramme Remix) ***, Revenant Cult - Spectral Heresy (Blast Radius Scarlet Light Remix)*, Rein[Forced] - Dichotomy (Sensous Enemy Remix)***

CD 2 - 'Moving Mountains' 
Garten der Asche - Nemesis, RetConStruct - The Maelstrom, Kommand + Kontrol - Gods + Monsters, System:FX - Destroyer, Controlled Collapse - Fragment of Time (Feat. Aleksandra Burska) *, Tactical Module - Dead Zone V2.0, Tapewyrm - Marionette, Fearpassage - Falling for You, Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Life Sentence, Eschaton Hive - Im Ur Stalker, RetconStruct - Invasive Species, Tapewyrm - Dust2Dust (Demo) *, System:FX - F.K.D (System:FX Remix), Tactical Module - Erase The Defect (Remix By Cease2Xist), Bestias de Asalto - Come Mierde y Muere (Sodomy Down the Cross Remix) *** 

* - Track currently unreleased
** - First appearance on CD 
*** - Exclusive to this release.

For more information on Juggernaut Services and their roster of artists please visit their official website.

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