Tuesday 26 March 2013

Review: Ogenix - 'Ogenix'


The Quebec-based quintet Ogenix are flying the flag for cyber-metal proudly and very loudly. Their début six-track album is a scathing blend of grinding metal guitars and liberal doses of modular synthesizers executed at breakneck speed. The band are stealing the ball from the likes of such luminaries as Fear Factory and running with it.

The band waste no time, with only a brief intro they crash straight into the barrage of abrasive guitars, vocals and synthesizers that is 'Ignition/Fire', which sounds not unlike Hatebreed being remixed by Rammstein. It's a stylistic theme that is carried on throughout the whole of the album with absolutely no respite at all.
The rest of the songs on the album 'Decay', 'Rouge', 'MKT', 'Inquisition/Cult' and 'The End' all play up the industrial electronics elements effectively and keep a good balance between the hardcore vocals and thrash guitars. But across six songs the sound begins to falter and tire from its own ferocity. There are a whole manner of ways the band could counteract this though. They could have done well to add a more toned down song as a centrepiece, extend the electronic intros a bit to break up the pace or even, dare I say, add a couple of remixes to the end.

The production, like the song writing, is equally heavy-handed and the mix is saturated by the number of decibels. This is perhaps their biggest undoing. Going all out on the speed and heaviness is perfectly fine. But the songs do suffer from having everything turned up to eleven all the time and in fact makes the end result feel a little rushed as well.

On the whole though, this is an impressive début that features some interesting and genuinely catchy songs that will definitely appeal more to heavy metal orientated fans. But there is the scope, and the talent, for the band to diversify and potentially conquer new listeners.

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