Thursday 4 December 2014

Dark Rockers ESO set to return in the New Year

Last month it was confirmed that London based dark rockers' ESO are set to return in the New Year with a one off gig in Littleport.

Since the bands' split September of last year fans have been having to settle with a live DVD to bring back the memories of vocalist Toby Keast and the crew bringing on the feels live on stage. The groups' last album 'Nothing left to loose' was a roaring success, featuring guest artists such as DJ Wizard,  Mike Spreitzer and even Matt Hyde (of 300 score fame) providing the intro.

Last year though the band announced on their facebook page that the 2013 tour would be their last, with a supporting act from Orestea and dates that started in Europe and ended where it had humbly began in London. Since then rumors that Luke Keast (Drummer) was starting his own project and his brother Toby wanting to bring back the Esoterica name with a new line up were just that.....rumors.....

ESO will now return however including the same band members. Playing on the 3rd of January in Cambridgeshire, the band are even providing a small bus for London based fans so they can make it! The gig is to raise money for YPL, a charity dedicated in helping young people with disabilities, and shall feature support from Orestea and Evilyn.

 "One of the guys was asked if we would be interested in a 1 off show, says headman and vocalist Toby Keast, So after talking the guys invited me to a pub for a drink (we hadn't talked much in a while) we all just talked about life and to cut a long story short we r all bored and feel life lacks life with out music so we all agreed to do the show. It's just for fun, it's baby steps, who knows".

ESO - The Divide

There is no news as yet if the gig will continue to a tour or a new album, but rest assured it will be an amazing event that no fan will want to miss.

To purchase your tickets, head over to ESO's site.

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