Tuesday 16 December 2014

Review: The Dreaming – 'Alone' (Single)


From the ashes of Stabbing Westward, The Dreaming have been honing a catchy blend of new wave, metal and alt rock with a few electronic elements thrown in for good measure. Their last album, 2011's 'Puppet', was a statement of intent from the song-writing team of Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus, which their forthcoming sophomore effort 'Rise Again' will undoubtedly look to build upon and solidify their new legacy.

To that end the preliminary single 'Alone' is a forceful outing with a big sing-a-long chorus, strong bass line, solid guitars, augmented by some gritty synth work. It's a promising offering that recalls acts such as Orgy, Deadsy, The Birthday Massacre, and of course Stabbing Westward.

Also included is the 'Revamped Mix' of the title track. It's more electronically orientated, removing a lot of the guitars and rock drums for the most part in favour of an ebm led sound. Its okay, and will probably be a better prospect for club play, but it lacks the balls-to-the-wall attitude of the original.

The single is well produced and is definitely in keeping with the bigger electronic rock outfits of the past twenty years. It's polished where it needs to be and gives you just the right amount of dirt in order to preserve its credibility.

If 'Alone' is an indicator of the direction of The Dreaming's next album, then it is going to find a willing and ready audience. It taps into the LA electro-rock/metal legacy and showcases the skills of the band as a song-writing unit. 'Rise Again' should be an album to keep an eye out for if this is anything to go by.  

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