Friday 5 December 2014

The weekly compendium 05/12/2014

Yes, yes, I know there was no compendium last week. What with the Orgy gig on the Wednesday, everything fell behind. But we were back with a vengeance this week!

We kicked off with a review of said Orgy gig, as well as a brand new Editorial column from yours truly. We followed that up with a look at the latest releases from Concrete Lung, The Gothsicles, MadTarot & John Hadrian-Oak, and Mass Hypnosis. And we also had some good news for ESO fans.

Over on Facebook we had new music from M‡яc∆ll∆. There's also a campaign to get Iron Maiden's 'Number Of The Beast' to the Christmas number 1 spot – love em' or hate em', you have to admit its better than Take That, The X Factor or that god-awful rehash of the classic Band Aid single. There's been new videos from Rabia Sorda, Velvet Acid Christ, Dope Stars Inc, and The Soft Moon.

Well that's your lot. I'm heading down to London to catch The Fields Of The Nephilim as they celebrate 30 years of mystical gothic rock goodness. If you can't make it, too bad – here's some classic Neph instead!

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