Wednesday 3 December 2014

Review: Mass Hypnosis – 'Sanctimonious'

When people think of metal from Europe Croatia isn't the first country on the top of the list, but that's all about to change with the 2nd coming of Mass Hypnosis. This Groove Metal - Industrial collaboration is a welcome return of the sound made famous by bands like Fear Factory, but with more drive and guts. You won't find any cheesy covers or forgettable remixes in this epic release.

The intro is perfect - not too long and a great forebode for it's following track 'God Complex'. Taken from the EP of it's same name, 'God Complex' is a track this band will be instantly recognizable for. With it's relentless riffs and perfect production it is a perfect song to keep any metaller warm this winter. 'Matrix of Power' has a delightful blend of electronic loops only overpowered by the headstrong vocals and 'Trigger Terms' is a hurricane of drums and is short but sour in it's resourcefulness.  'Refugees from the promised land' is another new track that marches forward at a scary pace. If one was to have a mixtape to play survival horror games, this would be a track to decide to fight or flight to.

There is only one downside to this album, and that is that most of the tracks have been released on ep's before it, creating more of a companion piece to new-comers. There are also alot of shorter segue tracks that seem to break up the flow of the album. By the time that 'United States of Coma' comes along however the wait is most definitely worth it. By far the most solid track to this release is it's penultimate track 'Codex Alimentaris', where we are taken on a satanic rollarcoaster ride across the inferno. It's a wonder that the been haven't been signed to a major label yet, with the production value being incredible for a fairly new act and a fairly substantial back catologue already.

With a future that seems dark and uncertain, Mass Hypnosis are here to join you on a politically based apocalypse. Just remember, everything is fine, the cameras are there for your safety.

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