Tuesday 16 December 2014

Introducing... N.Fushigi

I've been told that I do darkwave, dark ambient, industrial with touches of neoclassicism... I'd simply say that I create dark music.”

Members: just one, Nazo Fushigi
Year formed: 2013
Location: Principality of Andorra

Nazo “N.” Fushigi is, simply put... a dude behind a mask.
A guy with multiple personality disorder who creates dark music and weird, melancholic universes. The “N.Fushigi” project was born in the Pyrenees by the end of 2013 and debuted online with 'Digression' EPs nºs 1, 2 and 3 before launching the full debut album 'Terrorism' on World Goth Day, May 22nd 2014, featuring the characters of The Pilot, The Mystic and The Biker.
'Digression nº1: A Fantasy of Dark Places' was the most commented EP thanks to a great review by Russian site “Synthema.ru”.
N. is currently working on his second album, 'Invisible', and has already released the first EP off it: 'Myth nº1: Ride of the Four Horsemen'.

Intravenous Magazine: Who are you and how did the band/project come to be formed?

My name is Nazo Fushigi, Japanese for "Enigma" and "Mysterious". The "N.Fushigi" was formed in August of 2013, out of the desire to create some melancholic music. Why the masks? Because I wanted to conceal my identity from the very start, and so I started having fun with the masks and the props, creating three different characters, one for every "Digression" EP: The Pilot ("Digression nº3"), The Mystic ("Digression nº1") and The Biker ("Digression nº2").

IVM: How would you describe your sound/style, and how did you arrive at it?
I hate putting labels on my music, because I always think that I'm doing a particular style of music and other people always end up giving it other names. I've been told that I do darkwave, dark ambient, industrial with touches of neoclassicism... I'd simply say that I create dark music. I'd say that I arrived at it by trying things out until I finally reached a point where I felt that I was creating a dark and atmospheric piece and set it up as a reference of where I wanted to go.

IVM: Who and what are your primary influences both musical and non-musical?
My primary influences, huh? I'd say the main influence would be Akira Yamaoka, composer for projects such as videogame series "Silent Hill". I really enjoy his work. It would be Yamaoka and Enigma as well. As for non-musical influences, I would list Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire for literature and the illustration book series "Favole" by Victoria Francés. That and movies like "Watchmen", "Hellboy", the kind that's dark and also futuristic at some point. And, of course, all of my references on the Occult.

IVM: Do you perform live and if so where can we see you perform in the near future?
I don't perform live (yet). So far I'm a studio musician. But maybe one day, if other people get into the same groove, we'll create a band of masked dudes and try to conquer the world!

IVM: What is your current release and where is it available from?
My current release is the first EP off my upcoming album 'Invisible', called 'Myth nº1: Ride of the Four Horsemen', which you can listen to at http://nfushigi.bandcamp.com/album/myth-n-1-ride-of-the-four-horsemen You'll also find my debut album 'Terrorism' and all three 'Digressions'.

IVM: What have been the highlights of your career so far?
I'm just starting out with this project, but the main highlight would be the fact that I actually got reviewed by Russian website "Synthema.ru" without even asking for it. Those things make you glad you started creating, because you see how people can get really interested by what you do.

IVM: What are your plans fro the future?
My plans for the future would be to complete my second album 'Invisible' and, little by little, to be known in the dark music community.

IVM: Finally, is there anything that you would like to add?
I'm always open to collaborations, so feel free to ask!


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