Wednesday 17 December 2014

Review: XMH – 'The Blind'

'The Blind'

XMH's second single from their most recent outing 'In Your Face' sees the band at their club-friendly best. With a heavy dose of dark electro present throughout the album, the band's trademark aggrotech is toned down a bit, and 'The Blind' is a particularly good example of this formula at work. It is hard and fast but at the same time is has some very lush and sensual layers at play within it.

The tracks lead piano is a simple but very catchy device that when coupled with the relentless dance beats becomes an irresistible call to the dance floor. It's only downside is that some of the vocals don't seem to sit quite right in the mix which kind of dulls its edge, but it is nevertheless a damn addictive song.

The remixes courtesy of Avarice In Audio, Implant, and The Last Dance up its club appeal even more with their own take on the big dance sound for some extra appeal for the DJs out there. The scathing synths of Avarice In Audio and the darkwave guitars of The Last Dance in particular bring a lot of different elements out of the original track.

The only other original song on the EP, 'The Ticking Clock', shows XMH at their most sombre and agonising with its slow intro giving way to a steady dance beat, and more reserved vocal performance to play up the dark electro side of the band's sound even more.

This is a good EP for those who haven't dived into the album yet. The title track is a great dance orientated piece that is complimented by three very strong remixes. While the exclusive track at the end provides a peak at the band's darker and more sombre leanings. This is certainly going to earn the Dutch trio a lot of club play around the globe.  

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