Monday 1 December 2014

Editorial: December, 2014

It's December! I hope you've all been good this year or else you'll be getting a visit from the Krampus! Anyway this is another editorial from yours truly in which I look back on another year of Intravenous Magazine and to the year ahead.

Once again I'd like to start by thanking all of our readers, as well as the contributors, PR people, bands and artists who have in their own way kept the profile of this website on the rise. The Facebook likes keep going up, the compilation keeps getting downloaded and the individual page views are reaching ever higher numbers. This webzine is not about making money but about promoting alternative music, and your support makes it all worthwhile.

The second Compilation will be out on 1st January 2015 to mark our second birthday as a webzine and already the track list is looking pretty brilliant. We're just waiting for a few more acts to get their tracks to us but there is still a little bit of room left to go so I've opened the submissions up on Facebook. But be warned, it is filling up fast!

I'll be spending what free time I have this month putting the finishing touches to the PDF booklet, which is looking as cool as the music is sounding. And I've already formulated a cover for volume three, so you can guarantee that we'll be back for another year.

Last December, just prior to writing my Editorial column I got the sad news that the UK-based Static Distortion Records was ceasing to operate as a label. And this year, only a month or two ago, another one, Juggernaut Music Group, announced it was ceasing as a record label. Two great start-ups with a lot of promising talents on their books may have sadly left us, but the bands are still around and pushing hard to get their music heard.

I'd like to echo what I said last year as now both Static distortion Records and Juggernaut Music Group have joined the likes of Crunch Pod and Dancing Ferret Discs having ceased to be in recent year, and unfortunately it won't be the last due to the uncertainty in the industry. However, I hope all of our readers will continue to support the bands they worked so hard to promote and release, and of course any brave soul who has started, or dares to start a record label in the future.

Finally, if you're new to this humble website and haven't downloaded our first 'Blood Pack' compilation album yet, please click the album cover in the sidebar and download yourself a free copy from our bandcamp page.

Once again, make sure you have these links in your favourites:

I'd like to wish you all a good festive season and a happy new year, and we will see you all in 2015 with our critics choices of the previous year and which acts to watch out for in the year ahead!

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