Wednesday 17 December 2014

Review: Vuduvox – 'Vaudou Électrique'

'Vaudou Électrique'

The coming together of Buzz's J-C VTH and GrandChaos/Signal Aout 42's Oliver T as Vuduvox has yielded a interesting blend of techno body music, and industrial. Machine rhythms sinister French vocals, sawing guitars and an undeniable dance-friendly pace come together across 27(!) tracks balancing out between accessible electro and experimental ambience.

Songs such as 'Sérénade Pour Renégat', 'Berlin', 'Fascination', 'Ils Descendront Du Train', 'Au Rythme Des Incendies', and 'Avec Toi' in particular exemplify the strength this Belgo-French duo has found as a song-writing partnership to create some deep and complex music that is as at home on the dance floor as it is on stage.

The band's penchant for short instrumental segues or “Vudubreaks” seems a little superfluous to the proceedings. In some cases they make a nice introduction to the next full song, or in some cases they make a nice outro, but either way there isn't any real reason why a few of them couldn't be tagged on to the beginning or end of a main track like part one of 'Vu-Du'Vox'. As individual pieces you just don't get a real sense of what they are or what they are supposed to do other than stagger the momentum of the main track list. It would have been far more gratifying to have a nice, complex ambient track as the centrepiece of the album instead.

The production is fairly solid throughout. It does sound a little gritty and retro in the odd place. Also there is a little repetition in sounds and styles in places, but this is forgiveable. The band have crafted a manifesto on 'Vaudou Électrique', and it is one that will make those who hear it pay attention.

There is a lot to work on, but also a lot of potential. The partnership of J-C VTH and Oliver T has the skills and experience to create some very clever and intelligent electronic music. And if this is a project they put a lot of time in to, it could develop and become a very interesting one at that. Hopefully they will follow this up with another album soon.  

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