Monday 19 January 2015

Introducing... G.L.O.W.

"I was drawn to and inspired by the strange, eccentric & eclectic style of the Goth culture and so began creating songs that examined the darker side of the human condition." 

Name of band: G.L.O.W.
Members: Richard Wheeler (Vocals & Synths)
Year formed: 2008
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

G.L.O.W., an acronym standing for General Language of Oscillating Wisdom, was created by the South African sound engineer Richard Wheeler. Inspired by his studies in sound engineering and the Goth scene in South Africa, Richard created an ebm project called G.L.O.W. exploring concepts of haunting, internalised pain, challenges and personal experiences through music. In 2011, G.L.O.W. gained local exposure when Richard dj'd at a bi-monthly event in Johannesburg
called Dark Noise when he was asked to play his personal material, and between 2012 and 2013, G.L.O.W gained international exposure when Dj Deadbeatz-Kevin aka AT0SHIMA 3RR0R remixed the track Aigamuchab which was followed by Man Bullet’s remix of Aigamuchab & The Phantom Wagon.
In 2013, Richard won the tune signature competition called 'Bring The Oontz 2013' which was used for Coma-Music Magazine’s The Oontzcast. During this period, The Oontzcast aired his tracks Flying Dutchman (Final Quest), Hai-Uri & his remix of AT0SHIMA 3RR0R’s track 'My
Smile'. In 2014, Hazzard of Darkness Radio & Aggro Driver ’81 began broadcasting his music.

Intravenous Magazine: Who are you and how did the band/project come to be formed?

My name is Richard Wheeler. I am the creator of the E.B.M. Project G.L.O.W. I was drawn to and inspired by the strange, eccentric & eclectic style of the Goth culture and so began creating songs that examined the darker side of the human condition.

IVM: How would you describe your sound/style, and how did you arrive at it?

I would describe my sound/style as Industrial Electronic. I arrived at this genre through experimentation with various sounds & techniques.

IVM: Who and what are your primary influences both musical and non-musical?

The bands that primarily influenced my music were VNV Nation, Combichrist, Covenant, Assemblage 23, Unter Null & Grendel whereas my non-musical influence was the South African Goth scene itself.

IVM: Do you perform live and if so where can we see you perform in the near future?

I haven’t performed live yet but, it’s in the pipeline. I am first going to perform in Pretoria which is the Gothic capital of South Africa and then, go to Cape Town & Durban.

IVM: What is your current release and where is it available from?

My current release is 'Myths & Legends'. It is available on iTunes, Amazon & Routenote Direct.

IVM: What have been the highlights of your career so far?

So far, the highlights of my career have been:

1) Winning the signature tune competition for 'Bring The Oontz 2013' at Coma-Music Magazine in the USA.

2) Having my music played via online radio stations such as Oontzcast (USA), Aggrodriver ’81 (USA) & Hazard of Darkness Radio (Germany).

IVM: What are your plans fro the future?

G.L.O.W.’s first live performance, creating music videos for my tracks & to travel the Goth scene worldwide.

IVM: Finally, is there anything that you would like to add?

Yes, here is where you can listen to my music:

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