Thursday 29 January 2015

Review: Various Artists – 'The Orphans Project Vol. 2'

'The Orphans Project Vol. 2'

Unsound America is a label that is quickly developing a very interesting catalogue of releases. Not only are they home to The Walking Wounded, but they also released the brilliant sonic tribute to H.R. Giger 'Erotomechanics' last year as part of their artists series. In continued spirit of experimentation, Kyle Porter (The Walking Wounded) invited some artists and producers to collaborate
on the “music left on the cutting room floor”. The result is a psychedelic industrial free-for-all.

The tracks span, ambient, psychedelic, industrial, idm, pop, glitch and electronica to create a varied and multifaceted release that should contain something for everyone. The likes of 회사AUTO and Taxxes bookend the album with the most experimental pieces, while the likes of Fusion Faktor, AuntieMatter, Gerald 'Gothic Cello' Nicks, and Castle In A Box provide the more dance-friendly pieces.

It is an interesting concept for a compilation that has yielded some interesting results. Thankfully as well, in terms of production and mastering, it still feels like a continuous whole rather than a cobbled together play list.

'The Orphans Project Vol. 2' is another strong outing from the Unsound America label that is both original and intelligent. It's a short compilation at eight songs, but it is certainly a memorable one that should turn people on to the artists involved. Hopefully Volume 3 will be on its way in the future.

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