Wednesday 28 January 2015

Review: The Mekano Set – 'Pareidolia'


Liverpool's The Mekano Set continue their ascension on their latest EP 'Pareidolia'. The group have continually created a buzz with every release as they continue to perfect their blend of trippy electro rock. Ambient synths and trip-hop beats wash over a self-assured post-punk core that you can easily and without pretension consider artistic rock music.

The band's latest EP continues this trend, further refining the bands formula and principles across five new songs. The EP kicks off with 'The Matchmaker' as spacious and dreamy opener that right off the bat creates an illusion of space and time with its cavernous sound and spoken vocals. 'The Lighter' follows on with an eastern tinged trip-hop approach that scales things back and provides a more accessible foothold which gives the instrumentation more room to move. While 'Stargazer' returns to the late 80s / early 90s with its trippy downbeat take on the Madchester sound. '3rd Beat' then goes into a more down-beat direction lead by a very simple but addictive synth bass which is strangely danceable. 'Pages' follows on nicely with its dark post-punk vibe harking back to Joy Divisions more experimental moments. 'I Know You' rounds the track list off nicely with its hypnotic rhythms and ethereal vocals sounding as though they're weaving an incantation through the speakers.

The production is solid throughout the EP. The overall sound is identifiably linked to the more psychedelic strains of British rock and electronic music, but it doesn't sound derivative. Nor does the production sound to modern and clinical. Its a fine line between nostalgic grit and modern polish that the band walk, but they never falter.

'Pareidolia' is another great outing from The Mekano Set. Their song writing gets tighter and more immersive with every release and they reassert themselves as one of the UK undergrounds most interesting and intelligent acts.  

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