Wednesday 7 January 2015

Review: Mondträume – 'Still Beating'

'Still Beating'

A year on from their first Alfa matrix outing with '
Life Is Short' the duo of Pikotto Vond Mond and Damasius Venys, AKA, Mondträume return with another track aimed squarely at alternative dance floors. The song, which deals with cancer as it's main subject, and is dedicated to all the victims and survivors of the disease, picks up where the band's début 'Empty' left off.

The lead track, 'Still Beating' opens the EP in a big way with an emotional dance friendly blend of synthpop and futurepop that keeps the hard beats central while overlapping it with some heart-tugging melodies.

The EP is rounded off with a selection of remixes from the last album. The already dance-friendly selections are given suitably ramped-up reworkings by Aesthetische, Rotersand, Avarice In Audio, and Quanten Selbstmord. In particular the hard euphoric dance of Aesthetische's remix of 'Far From Pain', and the luxurious versions of 'A Sea Of Distance' and 'Far From Pain' by Rotersand and Quanten Selbstmord give the EP more oomph.

'Still Beating', as you'd expect from and Alfa Matrix act, is crisp and modern in its production style. Perfectly poised and executed for any club dancefloor. While the remixes compliment the emotional angle of the lead track but preserve the particular style of each of the remixing acts.

'Still Beating' is a great club track that has a strong emotional side to it, which will undoubtedly prove it to be a highlight in the band's future lives sets. It's a well rounded slice of synthpop that builds nicely on what the band achieved with their début, and drops a hint of what is yet to come. 

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