Thursday 22 January 2015

The Gothsicles – 'The Nyarlat Hot EP'

'The Nyarlat Hot EP'

After claiming the depths of the deep dark industrial scene (and coming back with a squid from another dimension) last year, The Gothsicles have come back to squeeze what's left of the tentacled teat with the humble 'Nyarlat Hot EP'. With three new songs (well two songs and two little segue ditties) and a couple of remixes it's a nice little round up to what has been a fantastic year for the group. With the success of 'Squid Icarus' it's hard to try and shine too much of a light on this humble release, but the tracks are noteworthy all the same. 'Death Touch' being the stand out tune, it's mix of rough and....well less rough vocals are what Gothsicles are known best for. Rolling up like a train riding out of control, Brians' hurdy-gurdy riff plays this track all the way down to hell. It's a dance tune, plain and simple, and try and stop us from getting down to it (I dare you).

Next is the rather more somber 'On another plane'. Here the vocals are a little more distorted and it's clear that this track was more of a muck about in the studio (but lets face it, some of those songs have been some of their most fun... 'Baaaallllllllsssss' being a perfect example). The two shorter tracks 'Yar Lathotep' and 'So long and thanks for all the chips' are yet another little dip into their 8-bit rep, and give you a little bounce around before disappearing into the distance.

Remixes by Ballpeen, Projekt F and God Module give a delightful redux for the tracks on the EP. Weather they be a hardstyle infused knock-out, an exended dub with extra tone or just something with a little more beep to it, these are a welcome entries to our Gothsicles music folder.

With added cover art by Industrials' answer to a bitmap Banksy 'Musik pictures I drawn', this EP is a midget gem that is sure to tide us over until the next explosion to come from Brians' cartridge slot.
Available on WTII's bandcamp on digital only release.

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