Tuesday 6 January 2015

Review Aesthetische – 'Hybrid Core' and 'Colder Lights EP'

'Hybrid Core' and 'Colder Lights EP' 

In the dock ridden depth of Brazil, breaking the core of solenoids is the sweat of South American muscular electronics. Aesthetische is an export of 2012 cold modern rhythm that meets a blasts of aggressive EBM pulses and lyrics.

Fab Viscardi and Gui Pires kick off with ‘Wall of Illusions’. A deep vibration of bass, followed with dub step distortion that gets the album under-way. Do not be deceived…‘Byprodukt’ curves the pulse into a lethal mixture of petroleum carcinogens of a body moving machine; 21st century EBM industrial. ‘Amplitude Zero’ brings with a heavy bassline painlessly applied lightness and tempo.
A pause is taken with ‘One in this world’. An image of an alive steel works that synthesizes blood to graphite thoughts are produced, followed by a touch of mixing which can take one upon a dancefloor of industrial ballet.

‘Twisted Volt’ keeps the bpm at a steady state and introduces a flow of female vocals. The feminine touch blows a cold wind creating a winter alpine feel, complimented by a dirty mainstream pause that catalyses the dance.

The echo of the mountains brings forth an avalanche erupting ‘The light within’. It brings back the testosterone outburst embedded with 21st century programming. ‘Statement’ fights back with its sweet talk synth and tempo acceleration followed with the silence of snow; ‘Stab’. ‘Bittersweet’ slices a beginning of dubstep that’s presence is quickly overshadowed by new skool electronica.

The epilogue summarises the 'Hybrid Core' of Aesthetische, an engine bloc of ‘Resilience’ with the harsh vibes of dusty EBM. Cleaned and polished, some new pistons were added with a turbocharger. The fuel mix takes in trance, modern dance electro, dubstep, making it burn some alternative scars, though making some scars smile.

Followed in late 2014 by 'Hybrid Core' came 'Colder Lights EP'. A calmer and clearing sounding composition in comparison to its overdrive slightly older brother. ‘Here Today’ brings in a creeping around an industrial complex from a forgotten era. ‘Escape Valve’ is a well-balanced trigger of electro-petroleum for gothic lounge music. ‘Aydhium’ is then on cue to pick up the acceleration, that speeds us to modern electronica path with echoing hymns.

Aesthetische is settling in well to Alfa Matrix records, the concept burns into the modern scene of alternative electronica. It may not be as radical as Studio-X vs Simon Carter, but a medium well served dish of old-school industrial thrashing backed up by an evolutionary sound of technological progress.

Reviewed by Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

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