Monday 19 January 2015 Annonce New album for March 2015

We step back into Lucid Dreams with Stefan Poiss, as last week posted on their Facebook page that a new album is currently being set in motion. Detailing the track list and artwork within the announcement, it only confirmed one thing... The chapter reopens into the hidden novel under the tracks, and we peril again back into the night with MIAB Electronica. 

The pulse of a Blade Runner life and illegal bionic experiments of the Unknown man begin again in the trailer beneath. The story finished at the previous album of 2012 'Revelations' and the main character, Black is remembering… A hired man of many talents, he has lived his life beside Stefan Poiss through 'Loyalty' and 'Fragments', though since the chapter Crossroads he has been on the run.

In the preview to album, we are dropped into the depth of the Agency. The next few minutes pulls you deeper into an era where the fight with man and biotechnology has escaped into the night, and the pieces of Black's mind are being deciphered. Is he remembering his path for revenge, or is his description to detail a cry back to his love for it?

Him; the unknown man from the beginning of the album 'Lost Alone', is present in the preview, and possibly is the subject placed into the Dreamweb. White is there, so we know that life is expendable in order for successful connection to the internet with humans. Though these are only Black's memories, and Him has fled a long time ago and White is still most likely on the hunt to erase our characters's memory.
'What good is a frequency, that opens a door to the Dreamweb if you did not know how to synchronise with it.' are set for their release for March 2015, even if Sleepwalkers may have leaked information. Pre-orders as well as Mr Black's tea can be purchased on their official store.

Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

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