Thursday 15 January 2015

Review: Essence Of Mind – 'Wrong'


Norway's Essence Of Mind have been quick to build on the recognition that their last outing 'Indifference' has afforded them with a German tour with Apoptygma Berzerk now under their belts rounding off a successful promotional cycle. Now ahead of their anticipated fourth album 'The Break Up!', the trio unleash their newest EP 'Wrong'.

Blending pop, industrial rock, ebm, drum 'n' bass, dubstep into a euphoric and emotionally resonant package, 'Wrong' is a titillating glimpse into the new album that exerts power, melody and dance-friendly rhythms throughout. The other original track on the EP, 'For Real' follows nicely with its scatty glitch rhythm giving way to a straighter electro-rock formula that shows the band a their heavy melodic best.

The EP is rounded off with three remixes of the title track courtesy of Diskonnekted who amp up the drum 'n' bass elements, Technomancer with their big 80's synthpop mix, and Xenturion Prime and their stripped back and haunting piano-lead rendition. Three very different approaches, but all of which manage to bring something new and interesting out of the source material.

It is a nicely produced EP that balances out all of the different elements in the mix well so as not to oversaturate it. It's a strong pop-orientated sound that really shows off just how diverse the band can be.

'Wrong' is a great track that is just at home on the dance floor as it is in a live sing-a-long and could very well go down as one of the band's must-play songs. This may only be a little taste of things to come, but if 'Wrong' and 'For All' are anything to go by then 'The Break Up!' should yield some great material.  

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