Monday 2 February 2015

END: the DJ's Top Music Picks of 2014

It’s still January of this writing! It was so very difficult to select top picks from the previous year yet it was finally narrowed down to these chosen few. Read on to see how these music picks highlighted the previous year, and maybe what to look forward for 2015. Track down these amazing albums & songs to give your music library that extra boost:

Noisuf-X  'Invasion'
Any Noisuf-X album guarantees all feet to the club floor, but with 'Invasion' Jan (producer) just seemed to REALLY cut loose. Knowing what you really want to hear from this project, he takes Noisuf-X’s strengths and amplifies them in every single track of this album.

Chainreactor  'Mass Driver'
'Mass Driver' sees an evolution of Chainreactor; while retaining that irreplaceable & distinctive sound that’s keep you stomping in the 2000’s, Jens Minor added vocalist Kay Schäfer and now presents some anthems that will grab you. Check out every single track on this release!

HarmJoy 'Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud' 

This artistic project hit me unexpectedly at a time when distinctive melodic and textured synthpop was starting to become a bit too common, too bland – this album puts light on music with depth. I put this album right up there with the best Synthpop staples.

The People’s Republic of Europe  'Course Oblivion' 

TRPOE’s output is always prolific and this release is a MONSTER. Cranking up the hard & noisy to the limits, all tracks on this album will destroy your sound system!

Hearhere  'Shadows of the Ones We Love' 

It’s been awhile since hearing such a great fusion of styles in electronic music- electro, synth, trip-hop, there is fantastic work in Hearhere’s album. It’s one of the most loveliest albums I’ve had on repeat play in recent years.

Top Songs/Tracks:

E-Craft  'Book of Anger V1.0'
Damn, when I first this track, my instant reaction: “WTF. Hello E-Craft!” This is an anthem track of your year.

Noisuf-X  'The Typical “Fuck You” Song'
Stompy, aggressive, straightforward club track. This has made the rounds around North America & beyond during my last tour and radio mixes.

Iris  'Phenom (Club Version)'
I’ve enjoyed Iris’ early works so much, perhaps among the best in indie electronic/Synthpop productions & remixes (who hasn’t danced to 'Annie, Would I Lie to You?'). Not hearing much from them for a few years, I had started thinking the worst. And then THIS track hit us. Mind blown! This is my personal best track of the past year and among the best Iris has ever created. Love the lyrics, love the club version’s melody!

Neuroticfish  'Silence'
Welcome back Neuroticfish, we missed you very much! From the 'Silence EP', this track is but a taste of what we’ll have from the project in 2015. Check out the EP with some awesome remixes!

HarmJoy  'Pain Decay (Ashbury Heights Remix)'
A wonderful remix of one of Harmjoy’s many well-done tracks from the latest album. Hunt down any version of this track.

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on radio, Industrial Club Sessions. Look for the latest mix album Infactious Vol. 4 available now on Infacted Recordings.

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