Thursday 5 February 2015

Review: Celluloide – 'Art Plastique'

'Art Plastique'

French electronic trio Celluloide have been kicking around for over a decade now honing their particular take on synthpop across albums such as 'Naïve Heart' (2002), 'Words Once Said' (2004), 'Passion and Excitements' (2007), and 'Hexagonal' (2010). But as their fifth album 'Art Plastique' proves, they can still bring in new and unexpected elements into their established formula.

'Art Plastique' favours a more minimalist synthpop style that recalls the likes of Kraftwerk in particular. It's sound is as angular and modern as the album's artwork. But that doesn't stop the band from throwing in a little ebm and light ambient elements too.

It's a short album but it is one that makes a mark. Especially with songs such as 'Le Baiser Géométrique ', 'Gris ', 'Le Salon Noir ', 'La Guerre De Cent Ans ' and 'L'Amour Est Clair ' which provide the album with its strongest moments. Each track utilises clean, crisp melodies in order to frame the soft vocals of Darkleti and drive the forward with a strong pop-orientated undertone.

The production is excellent with every layer of every track executed with precision and intelligence. The album gets the kind of high quality finish that it deserves and brings out the best of its pop flavours.

'Art Plastique' is a strong and intelligent pop album that harks back to the more artistically inclined efforts of 80s synthpop but explored in a very modern style. It might not fill the dance floors due to its lack or overt bass lines and hard beats, but this album is a definite for synthpop fans who appreciate a pure melody and strong hook.  

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