Friday 13 February 2015

The weekly compendium 13/02/2015

Oooooo it's Friday 13th of February and if you're not near any large bodies of water, you'll probably be safe and going about your business as usual... if you are, you may be due a visit from a guy in a hockey mask, holding a machete. In that case you may definitely want to check out what we've had in store for you this week... while you still can! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

*Ahem*... Sorry about that...

We kicked the week off with an interview with former Goteki mainman and electronic music wizard Ross Tregenza as we got the lowdown on his first full-length solo album. We had a live review of Savage Messiah in Stoke courtesy of Dokka. The reviews had an Italian flavour this week as we looked at the latest releases from XP8 and Dope Stars Inc. Before gorging on a HUGE compilation from D-Trash Records. We then rounded things off with an Editorial from me and a column from Joel Heyes where we get stuck into horror movies... again.

Over on Facebook we saw a new trailer for Amphi festival which is shaping up to be a great line-up. There are also new videos from King Pest, 1919, The Last Dance, and Laibach. The Resistanz festival is also looking pretty tight as well. And finally if you fancy taking on Orgy's new logo, check out our page.

Right that's it for this week. Next week will be a little light on posts and the following week we'll be taking a break as I'm off on holiday, so there won't be another compendium until March.

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