Wednesday 4 February 2015

Review: Broken Links – 'Divide/Restore'


Broken Links have been making a stir in the indie scene for a few years now. After a series of self-released demo EPs they unveiled their full length début on Devil Theory Records to strong reviews. Fast-forward and the band's sophomore offering and their biggest challenge is now upon us. The second album is always a challenge for any band, but Broken Links meet expectations head on with 'Divide/Restore'.

The trio keep close to the sound they perfected on their début and continue to refine their song writing. The result is pretty impressive. There are the now familiar nods to Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Joy Division, Manic Street Preachers and even a little Depeche Mode throughout the album as they blend electronics, raw-post punk and an ever present melodic undertone into every song.

Tracks such as 'Submission', 'Dead Embers', 'Blood On The Motorway', 'Asphalt', 'Transient/Fourth Planet' and 'What You Want' provide the album with a solid backbone that keeps not only the energy up, but also the interest as they keep trying different things from one song to another, causing you to second guess everything you're anticipating. While 'Unnatural' closes the album in exemplary fashion as the band pull out all of the stops for a a big emotional swansong.

The production is spot on and has come on dramatically from the first album. Broken Links are a complex and intelligent band with a lot of influences at play, and this is reflected in the mix with every track feeling open and large enough to accommodate everything that's going on.

'Divide/Restore' is another excellent outing from the band who really have all the tools to make it big. The album contains some of their strongest song writing yet and the performances are without fault. If you missed them first time around then this is an album you shouldn't be ignoring.  

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