Thursday 5 February 2015

Review: Joseph Nadek – 'Bluatig Hårt'

'Bluatig Hårt'

Joseph Nadek's 'Bluatig Hårt' (Bloody Hard) is a grim album. An ambient tinged-blend of industrial dissonance and outright noise, its four tracks explore the Tyrolean folklore of central Europe (which was a heavy influence on the work of the Brothers Grimm). That might instantly conjure up thoughts of albums such as 'Dauði Baldrs' by Burzum, but this is an entirely different beast.

Aside from the opening track, 'Wåldgeischta', and it's samples of birds and woodland noises and the almost wild boar guttural noise of 'D' Bluatig'n' the album could be just as science fiction as folklore inspired. But what is easy to hear is a strong conception for dark, noisy ambience with plenty of atonal experimental flourishes thrown in for good measure. It's not easy listening and it certainly won't be for mass consumption. However it is nicely structured and definitely draws the listener in.

In terms of production it is pretty raw and abrasive, as you'd tend to expect from these kinds of releases. But that isn't anything that works against it though. It makes good use of melodic sounds throughout the tracks in order to counterpoint the noise which works nicely and gives it a more rounded finish.

'Bluatig Hårt' is a nice experimental release that makes good use of noise and ambience in equal terms. For a conceptual piece the narrative of the soundscapes is somewhat lacking, but it is a nicely executed album that fans of dark ambient noise will appreciate.

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