Tuesday 17 February 2015

Review: Eisbrecher – 'Schock'


Eisbrecher – the post Megaherz vehicle of Alexx Wesselsky and Noel Pix – over the course of a decade developed a strong discography of their own, putting them firmly up there with Oomph!, Rammstein and their former bandmates at the head of the Neue Deutsche Härte movement. And while Rammstein maybe the international breakout stars, Eisbrecher have a strong world-wide fanbase thanks to albums such as 'Eisbrecher', 'Antikörper', 'Eiszeit' and 'Die Hölle Muss Warten'. 2015 sees the band's return with their sixth studio effort 'Schock' and an ever growing legacy to live up to.

The band have proved they have the tools to stand the test of time, and 'Schock' is an exclamation point to that effect. The band's electronically augmented heaviness is preserved and in top form as tracks such as 'Volle Kraft Voraus', '1000 Narben', 'Zwischen Uns ', 'Dreizehn ', 'Fehler Machen Leute ' and 'So Oder So' can attest to with their addictive mix of hard guitars, memorable synth melodies and always resonant vocal performances. While also mixing things up nicely with slower and more ballad influenced tracks such as 'Rot Wie Die Liebe', 'Schlachtbank ', and 'Der Flieger' breaking up the relentless pace with a bit more emotional depth.

The production is as you'd expect from a band such as Eisbrecher at this point in their career. Everything from the song-writing, to the performances and the final mix has been a labour-intensive process to make this album sound as strong as possible in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with the wealth of influential albums their countrymen, and themselves have released.

'Schock' is another strong outing from Eisbrecher. It gives fans of the band, as well as the wider NDH genre exactly what they are craving. It's hard, heavy, and undeniably infectious. This album not only shows that the band have the ability to live up to past glories, but also that there is plenty more glory to come in the future.  

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