Friday 6 February 2015

The weekly compendium 06/02/2015

That's it for this week. Thankfully there's no need to do and RIP for anyone this week, so here's what we had for you.

We kicked the week off with End: The DJ choosing his favourite music of 2014. And we courted controversy with one final interview with XP8 who are bowing out with their last EP. We had reviews of the new releases from Broken Links, Josef Nadek and Celluloide. As well as news from En Esh and Apoptygma Berzerk.

While over on Facebook we had new videos from In Death It Ends, 3Teeth, Code, and Garek. There was more news from Infest and Alien Sex Fiend. New music from Cathedra. Emigrate, and Aphex Twin.

Right that's your lot for this week. Enjoy your weekends and dig this...

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