Tuesday 10 February 2015

Review: XP8 – 'Three Of Three: Rubedo'

'Three Of Three: Rubedo'

The third and final instalment of XP8's alchemy EP trilogy signals not only the closing of this chapter in the bands EP cycle representing the final step in the alchemical process, but it is also the final ever release from the duo. Over a decade since they first emerged from their native Italy, XP8 have gone on to become a regular fixture of the alternative dancefloor with their original blend of ebm, edm, dubstep and trance. But if you're going to go out, it may as well be on a high.

The previous EPs in this trilogy have all been strong releases that keep the band's dance credentials at the fore, but also brought up the deeper and darker side of the band's sound with slower tracks such as 'Primitive' and 'Heatwave'.

The band follow a similar structure on 'Three Of Three: Rubedo', with the opening track 'Dancing, Dying, Dreaming' leading the charge with its big room-filling dance presence. The heavy bass of 'XP8 Is Dead' follows on with an addictive groove and the band's tongue-in-cheek humour making a welcome return.

'Egotism' brings in a more electro-industrial vibe with hints of dubstep recalling the cyberpunk atmosphere of the bands excellent 'Adrenochrome' album. 'Rust' continues this atmosphere through another slow and groovy dark electro piece. The band then forgo the remix that has rounded off the previous albums in favour of another big club-friendly anthem in the form of 'Your Love' to sign off in the best way possible.

The EP continues the exemplary run of well produced music that the band have continued to put out in recent years. Each track, no matter its approach, sounds big and confident in its execution.

'Three Of Three: Rubedo' is a fitting send off for a band such as XP8. The band have an enviable back catalogue of intelligent electronic music and have let their work have the final word. It's been a great run and it's sad to see them go. But XP8 have made their mark and this EP trilogy is the full stop on a great career.  

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