Wednesday 11 November 2015

Editorial: November, 2015

November is a strange month. Post-Halloween, pre-Christmas and a lot of nasty weather. A generally boring month which prefixes the all out chaos of the festive season. Well we're doing our best to keep you entertained and informed with reviews, articles and of course planning our next compilation album.

We've had a very nice assortment of bands confirm tracks and this month will see us chasing up the finished offerings. The post Christmas download compilation has become a tradition here and it is one that I would like to see keep happening every year. It may be that the schedule changes slightly and it doesn't go out on the first of January every year from now on. But it will go out!

The feedback from both readers and bands has continued to be positive and every year the first month always sees our free download limit on bandcamp breached significantly.

This is going to be a very short and sweet editorial just to check in with you all really as I have a tonne of work to do and very little time in which to do it. In addition to the usual reviews, and the compilation, the time has come for most of my favourite TV shows to come back... so I need to make time for them as well! Oh yeah, and to eat and sleep... but they aren't as important.

I've got a nice big Friday the 13th themed article in the works this week and there will be interviews over the next couple of weeks as well hopefully.

There is still room for any bands that would like to contribute any tracks to the next compilation. As it is a download album there are no real limits to how many bands we can include. So if you want to get involved
all you have to do is check out September's editorial.

If you've not heard our previous compilations, I thoroughly suggest you do by going to our bandcamp page HERE.

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