Friday 20 November 2015

Review: Neurotech – 'Evasive'


Defying classification and resisting convention is all part and parcel of the Neurotech experience. Since 2007 composer and multi-instrumentalist Wulf takes his Slovenian based project on a ride that encompasses cyber metal, industrial, ebm, ambient, experimental, new age, trance, futurepop, and symphonic that confounds expectation at every turn. Neurotech's latest album 'Evasive' sees Wulf drop the metal edge of the band's sound to fully indulge the electronic elements without restraint. And the result is simply breathtaking in its complexity and scope.

'Evasive' is cinematic in scale with a huge atmosphere surrounding each song on the album. The construction is somewhere between dance-friendly electro and ambient new age. But it's much more than that. Tracks such as 'The Tide Is Rising', 'Compass', 'I Desensitize', 'Enter The Endless', and 'Maelstrom' give the album a dance-orientated back bone with their hard beats, memorable melodies and grooving bass. While the likes of 'From Liquid To Solid', 'Between Wake And Sleep', 'Through The Divine', and 'Evasive' delve into more complicated and almost soundtrack-like pieces that emphasise the atmosphere and soul of the compositions.

The whole album is a relentless exploration of progressive electronics, cinematic sci-fi atmospheres and straight-up great dance music. It sounds like Peter Tagtgren, Vangelis, Enigma, Juno Reactor, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross brainstorming ideas for the perfect film soundtrack.

The production is lush and deep. Each song has a huge presence that equates to a dynamic whole. The synths, bass, beats each sound colossal in the mix and yet never swamp each other. The production is top quality and makes each song, no matter what its approach sound like a hit.

'Evasive' may have dropped the more familiar metal elements of the Neurotech sound, but it certainly doesn't suffer for it. With this album Wulf has indulged himself and allowed the creativity to flow unencumbered. The result is nothing less the excellent. The fact that once again this is being given away for free with no label support is just mind boggling. 'Evasive' shows the true depth of Wulf's skills and if there was any justice Neurotech would be a household name.

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