Tuesday 17 November 2015

Legendary London venue Electrowerkz faces demolition

As part of the Crossrail 2 project in London, it has been announced this past weekend that the Electrowerkz in Islington, home of the famous club night Slimelight is facing demolition as part of plans for a new Angel tube station. After the fall of iconic venues such as the Astoria, The Intrepid Fox, Sin, and Madame JoJo's to redevelopment it would be another severe blow to London's – and indeed the UK's – alternative scene if another iconic venue were to succumb.

Here's what the Slimelight NewYear's Eve event page had to say:
“We had some very nice chaps from Crossrail pop round with brochures,tape measures and clipboards with novel news about bulldozers and proposed new plans for an extra new Angel station just in case you couldn’t find the one that was there already.
This may involve the complete demolition of all the old buildings in Torrens St with cracks in including Slimelight...
In the best tradition of public consultation meetings we have decided to hold one on a really inconvenient date when you cannot get a babysitter and there may be something good on the telly, New Years Eve.
We envisage 3 floors of animated discussion groups with charts and plans on the wall you can point at.
We have also employed the services of a fine local band Empirion to entertain you in the intermission.”

Slimelight has been a weekly cornerstone of the London gothic/alternative scene since the late 1980's and has hosted gigs by now legendary bands. The Electrowerkz has undergone extensive refurbishment in the mind 2000's and provides the capital with one of it's most dynamic venues. It is an important scene landmark that should not disappear without a fight!

The full proposals are available to view on the Crossrail 2 consultation page HEREThe closing date for the receipt of comments is 8 January 2016. Responses to the consultation will be considered to help shape proposals for the scheme as they develop. A consultation report will be published in spring 2016.

Be sure to follow the link in the above paragraph to lodge your objections to the proposals to demolish 7 Torrens Street – The Electrowekz / The Islington Metal Works – before the deadline! And in the meantime, if you are a regular or a Slimelight virgin, I heartily recommend you check out this London club and show your support in person!

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