Tuesday 3 November 2015

Review: Neurotech - 'I Desensitize'

'I Desensitize'

Only a few months after his last stunning outing on 'Stigma', Slovenia Neurotech, AKA solo artist Wulf, returns with a new single and album to see out the year. The album 'Evasive' will be dropping in a couple of weeks, but prior to that the first single 'I Desensitize' has landed.

The single blends epic sci-fi atmospheres with industrial, trance, futurepop, and ebm to create a stunning instrumental track that would be just as at home on a film soundtrack as it would in a club. The song may have removed the metal guitars that characteristic a lot of his work, but it is no less brilliant for it. It's almost reminiscent of what a collaboration between Peter Tagtgren and Vangelis would perhaps sound like.

The production is perfect. It has a grand sense of space that adds to it's heady cinematic scope. But with it's solid beat, memorable melodies and clean hooks it feels grounded and dance-friendly.

This is an addictive first taste of the forthcoming album that once again shows off Wulf's seemingly effortless prowess as a songwriter and performer. Based purely on this it seems as though 'Evasive' is shaping up to be a seriously promising album.  

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