Wednesday 18 November 2015

Review: Extize – 'Sex, Ducks & Industrial'

'Sex, Ducks & Industrial'

If you haven't had the pleasure of Extize yet, be prepared. The Franco-German electro-industrial crew have been a mainstay of the cyber-goth scene since 2007 and though their sound has diversified in recent years, their tongues have always remained firmly in cheek and there is perhaps no better example of this than their new EP 'Sex, Ducks & Industrial'.

The EP opens with the most loving trolling of the industrial genre to date with with the frantic electro-industrial 'Industrial Kombat' sampling classic dance floor tracks such as 'Pong', 'Mortal Kombat Theme', 'Zombie Nation', and 'Blut Royal' and parodying the style of likes of Suicide Commando, Faderhead, Combichrist, and Nachtmahr among others. It's too funny not to love.

 'Duck Vader' is another, slightly straight – but not by much – track that features a nice sample of the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars augmented by some dance-friendly beats and melodies. 'Into The Duckness' plays with glitch and dubstep elements mixed with edm to create another nice dance track, though it lacks the humour and immediately recognizable hooks of the previous two.

'Fvck Inducktrial' returns to the trolling front and musically reflects acts such as X-[RX] and early Combichrist – as such its another damn good club offering and again it's too damn funny not to love. 'Ducky Style' takes on dubstep in a big way and is probably the weakest offering on the album with its stripped back style it is eclipsed the rest of the songs here. 'Tanzducktator' on the other hand returns to the trolling with a liberal sprinkling of 'Gangnam Style' samples and as much German as they can cram into it – it's a strong way to finish an already fun ride.

The cover of Corey Hart's 'Sunglasses At Night' feels a little necessary to the track list. OK it works well enough as a bonus track but it doesn't really add much to the whole and doesn't sound radically overhauled enough.

In terms of production it is pretty solid. Sometimes the vocals sound a little off in the mix, but they always work in the context of the tracks.

If you've yet to experience Extize then 'Sex, Ducks & Industrial' is a pretty good place to start. There are some great potential club tracks and its mischievous humour/trolling really sets it apart from a lot of the electro-industrial scene at the moment. It's well worth the free download.  

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