Tuesday 10 November 2015

Review: Psy'Aviah – 'Never Look Back' / Words' EP

'Never Look Back' / 'Words' EP

Belgium's Psy'Aviah AKA multi-instrumentalist and producer Yves Schelpe, have been providing an eclectic injection into the electronic scene for a number of years. Blending elements of trip hop, ambient, pop, rock, techno, electroclash, and ebm Schelep and his now revolving door of talented vocalists the music of Psy'Aviah has always been something that is hard to ignore. Now one year on after the last full-length outing on 'The Xenogamous Endeavour' Schelpe returns with the 'Never Look Back' / 'Words' EP as a precursor to the next Psy'Aviah album.

With the two lead tracks Schelpe continues to break down genre conventions injecting 'Never Look Back', which features the vocal talents of Ellia Bisker of New York's Sweet Soubrette, with a heavily trip-hop saturated direction while keeping it's fresh electro framework. While 'Words' , featuring J Ari, adds a couple of big helpings of reggae and Mowtown to Schelpe's electronic formula.

The remixes from the likes of Jean-Marc Lederman, B-Sights, Gavril, Simon Carter, and Baterist Sinetic introduce dub, electro, trance, and experimental industrial elements to the track list to further re-enforce it's progressive style.

In terms of production it is hardly surprising at this point that the EP is mixed and mastered to a high degree. It is fresh, modern, progressive and continues to build on everything that Psy'Aviah have released up to this point. It is the kind of quality that you'd expect from a veteran mainstream with money to burn, showing once again what a strong song writer and producer Schelpe is.

This EP bodes well for the forthcoming album. If it continues down a similar line of eclectic genre blending and emotion-tugging melodies, then the next full-length Psy'Aviah album could be their best yet.

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