Thursday 5 November 2015

Review: Doganov – 'Conducting Chaos'

'Conducting Chaos'

Belgian electro rockers Doganov return with their latest album 'Conducting Chaos'. Since their formation in 2010, the trio and their blend of industrial, ebm, metal and rock has seen them on stages across Europe alongside names such as Die Krupps, Ost+Front, Punish Yourself, and Crematory. Despite only having a couple of official releases to their name, they have still produced a finely honed and accessible sound. Fast-forward to 2015 and the band's first full-length album promises to show off just exactly what they can do.

The band's sound is akin to a cross between Rammstein's early “tanzmetal”, with heavy doses of latter day Front 242 style ebm and a little of BlutEngel vampire pop sheen (in their most melodic moments). It's a combination that works very well with heavy guitars, sing-a-long choruses delivered in a style reminiscent of Gothminister, and dance friendly electronics driving the tracks.

Songs such as 'Mad To The Sane', 'Blood And Rain', 'Conducting Chaos', 'Distorted Nursery Rhymes', 'Phoenix', and 'What's The Case With You' perhaps best exemplify the band's core sound with their addictive leads, heavy riffs and engaging vocal performances really providing the stand-out moments on the album. The other highlight on the album is the brilliantly updated ebm cover of Front 242's seminal single 'Headhunter'.

The production has improved since the ban's last releases, however it does still sound a little hit and miss throughout. It has a much better mix that bears the brunt of mp3 compression a lot better than its predecessors, however the vocals still sound too low and it lacks that modern sparkle many bands enjoy.

'Conducting Chaos' may not be the most polished electro rock album available, but don't let that put you off. There is some serious talent behind the song writing and performances on this recording. The songs are catch and dance-friendly while keeping their rock heaviness. There is still the potential to really take their sound further, and if the band had a little more time and money in the studio there is no doubt they could push themselves further.  

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