Thursday 28 April 2016

Editorial: April, 2016

It has been a while since my last editorial, and unfortunately this will just be a brief check-in as well. March and April have been busy months personally so I have been focusing on reviews and making plans for the future. These plans include the next compilation download which I will begin working on in a couple of months time.

Well where to begin? Let's start with saying goodbye to Resistanz Festival – for the past five years the Sheffield-based event has been an annual highlight that has attracted some great names from around the world and really injected a bit of adrenalin into the UK scene as a result. There have been plenty of memorable moments and it will be sorely missed.

In other festival related news Infest is shaping up to be a great line-up this year, and there will be a new gothic festival in Leeds later this year as well. But hopefully more people out there will move in to take the space left by Resistanz and give these bands more opportunities to play.

It kind of brings me to another thought. For years now the UK gothic and industrial scenes have existed in a fairly small bubble. A law unto themselves sustained by hardcore fans with a few dedicated festivals and a few respected media outlets. But it still doesn't seem to be taken seriously. While the likes of 3Teeth and Youth Code in the US have had recent mentions in Rolling Stone magazine. UK bands still feel very much on the periphery of national coverage. Perhaps it is time to start making an assault on the more generic rock and metal festivals then? Certainly the likes of The Sisters Of Mercy have done it with Sonisphere in the past, and yes they do have a bit of gravitas still they can muster. But there are some young and hungry bands in the gothic and industrial scene who deserve much more exposure than they are getting and that quite frankly rock harder than many of the bands that manage to score slots at Download. Maybe it seems a little far-fetched to some, but if you don't ask, you don't get...

Anyway, that's my meandering thought of the day in the wake of the final Resistanz festival. There are more events coming up this year that still need your support and new or established, I hope they stick around for a long time to come.

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