Tuesday 12 April 2016

Review: Skold – 'The Undoing'

'The Undoing'

Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, MDFMK, Marilyn Manson, ohGr, Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, and Motionless In White are just some of the influential acts that Tim Sköld has lent his considerable talents to over the years. The multi-instrumentalist and producer has been the linchpin to the sound of a range of bands over his thirty year career in music.

His own solo career began after the breakup of Shotgun Messiah – his first internationally successful band – in 1996, he released a follow-up in 2002, and a third outing in the form of 'Anomie' in 2011. There may be big gaps between albums, but Sköld is a a busy guy and lets face it, they are always worth the wait. True to form his fourth solo album, 'The Undoing' is just what long-time fans will be salivating for.

The album mixes the classic heavy beats of Sköld's career with searing rock guitars and enviable electronic experimentalism. Songs such as 'Triumph Of The Will', 'The Oldest Profession', 'Break My Fall', 'Wake Up And Die', and 'Better The Devil' are hard, heavy and seedy slices of brilliant industrial rock that will keep the core of his fanbase very happy. While cuts such as 'Today Your Love', 'Escape', 'Transparencies', and 'Chasing Demons' play fast and loose with expectations incorporating experimental, glitch and almost dubstep elements for a nice anarchic yet catchy sound.

The production is as strong as you'd expect an experienced musician and producer such as Sköld to put out in 2016. Even at its most experimental it is still punchy and club-friendly, while his most guitar driven tracks are gritty and grimy affairs. This is industrial rock, bang up-to-date and as strong sounding as it should be.

'The Undoing' may have been delayed since 2014, however it is another example of Tim Sköld's solo albums being worth the wait. Unencumbered by other band members and expectations he is free to let loose and indulge his creativity to its fullest. And the result is brilliant.

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