Wednesday 27 April 2016

Review: Legend & Sólstafir – 'Runaway Train (Live)'

'Runaway Train (Live)'

Icelandic dark pop act Legend return with a dark and sinister cover of their own song 'Runaway Train' recorded live with fellow countrymen in the form of post-metalers Sólstafir. The two bands had previously released a split EP together(on which Sólstafir covered 'Runaway Train' themselves), but this release marks the first direct collaboration on a track between them. And it is a thing of beauty.

The band's come together to find a unique middle ground between their respective sounds. The dark pop hooks of Legend's original composition are still very much evident, while Sólstafir's raw experimental mindset bleeds through profusely. The end result is a raw, dark and visceral progressive-tinged rock that sounds like a blend of 'Eternity' and 'The Silent Enigma' Anathema. Absolutely beautiful.

The production is excellent considering this is a live performance captured and released in such a short space of time. This is one of those times in music where everything just clicks and sounds great together. You can't replicate that kind of chemistry really, it just has to be present and documented.

This is a great coming together of two different but ultimately complimentary acts that have a genuinely unique bond. Could this be the seeds of an Icelandic supergroup? One can only hope. This certainly shows that there is the potential for such a pairing. Perhaps after the next Legend album there may be time for an EP of original collaborations? One can only dream. But in the hear and now this is a damn fine song and should be heard.   

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