Tuesday 5 April 2016

Review: The Glen And Joe Show – 'Lock Me Out'

'Lock Me Out'

Sat on ice for 30 years after being cut by Images In Vogue members Glen Nelson and Joe Vizvary and under the supervision of producer Dave Ogilvie, 'Lock Me Out' is a sublime piece of New Order style synthpop straight from 1983. A relic of the early Vancouver electronic scene it is a shame this single and its b-side 'Gravel' hadn't seen a real release until now, because they are seriously good.

The a-side 'Lock Me Out' is a classic piece of synthpop that despite its 1983 vintage still sounds brilliant today. The steady dance beats, classic synths sound and crystal clear vocals have withstood the test of time and it would have done well had it been released at the time it was recorded, and even today it more than holds its own.

The b-side 'Gravel' is an instrumental recorded at a similar time to the a-side and subsequently re-recorded last year for inclusion on this single, and again it sounds great. It has an almost Ultravox meets Moroder flavour to it that begs to be included on an 80s sci-fi soundtrack, yet remains quite dance friendly.

This is a nice but very long overdue release. Despite the tracks early 80s construction they still sound fresh, if a little retro. The mix is crisp and surprisingly modern and the production as a whole is great.

This may appeal more to hardcore collectors and completeists, however it is nonetheless a great single with plenty of potential. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for Glen and Joe to drag more out of their archive or forge ahead with new recordings. 

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