Tuesday 19 April 2016

Review: Helalyn Flowers – 'Sonic Foundation'

'Sonic Foundation'

It has been three years since the last full-length studio album from Helalyn Flowers, 'White Me In // Black Me Out ' was released. The band's surprise release of the 'Beware Of Light' EP last October gave a hint of things to come on the Italian duo's new album, but even that was on;y scratching the surface. The band's latest outing, 'Sonic Foundation' looks to push their boundaries further than before taking in ebm, electro rock, industrial, ambient, gothic rock, techno, and even black metal influences to create a rich blend of sounds.

The album is a heady blend of styles that N0emi and maXX handle with ease. Club-friendly electronic anthems hit hard guitars to create a strong backbone of tracks that compel you to dance as well as bang your head. The likes of 'Beware Of Light', 'Frozen Star', 'Karmageddon', 'Maths Of Chaos', and 'For All The Bad Things' lead the charge as the best examples of the previously mentioned formula.

While tracks such as 'Eerie', 'I Saved And Angel', and the bonus track 'Beware Of Light' featuring Chris Pohl (BlutEngel) throw a few more surprises into the mix with elements of sci-fi ambience, heart-tugging piano, and vampiric decadence respectively adding more depth and diversity to the experience.

In terms of production the album is spot on. It is clean and modern right across the board. The guitars are heavy, the electronics are bold and well mixed and the vocals cut through like a knife to entice some undeniable sing-a-long moments.

'Sonic Foundation' is a strong album. Perhaps Helalyn Flowers' strongest so far. The band hit hard and fast and walk a fine line between their club-friendly side and their rock and metal leanings. It could have gone painfully wrong in a few places. But it doesn't. It works and it works damn well. This is the album that solidifies Helalyn Flowers place.  

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