Tuesday 5 April 2016

Review: Frozen Ocean – 'The Prowess Of Dormition'

'The Prowess Of Dormition'

From the depths of Russia comes the atmospheric metal of Frozen Ocean. The solo project of Vaarwel, Frozen Ocean has been around for a decade now in which time he has explored not only metal but also downtempo electronics, triphop, drone, ambient noise, punk, shoegaze, post rock and neoclasical styles amongst other. His latest offering 'The Prowess Of Dormition' returns to a more metal orientated sound by way of the epic black metal structures we'd expect from the likes of Emperor and Immortal.

'No Blizzard' opens the album with a spacey introduction that gives way to frantic blackened metal core completed by death metal vocals and haunting electronic atmospheres suspended throughout. 'Once Aglow' follows up with the electronic elements higher in the mix for a more epic and cinematic sound while the metal core takes on a more melodic death metal mantle with some blackened elements in the vocals and guitars. 'Det Siste Snøfallet' is a fine central piece of unrelenting black metal riffs, thunderous blast beats and subtle electronics that is so strong it makes you forget there are no vocals included. The title track closes the album out in a big way with a blend of blackened guitars, melodic death metal and dark metal elements coming together for a phenomenal finale.

This may be a short album (or a long EP depending on your outlook on life) but it certainly packs a punch. Frozen Ocean may not be a well-know name but his songwriting and production skills are up their with the best. The album is crisp and modern throughout and nothing gets bogged down or lost in the mix.

'The Prowess Of Dormition' is a very strong album, and while its reach might be limited to an extent, those who seek it out will certainly find something to take away from it. Especially fans of Enslaved and Moonsorrow. It will be interesting which direction the next release will follow. 

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