Monday 4 April 2016

Review: Abbey Death – 'Realignment'


Valerie Abbey (Gentile) & Abbey Nex come together to form a brand new entity in Abbey Death. The duo known respectively for their contributions to luminary acts such as Combichrist, The Crushadows, Psyclon Nine, Angelspit, Genitorturers, and Black Tape For A Blue Girl meld their experience in gothic, industrial and darkwave music into a rather unique product. The band's début EP, 'Realignment' is a heady cocktail of industrial electronics, gothic style dual vocals, and darkwave guitars and beats. It is a formula that at first glance doesn't look all that special but with the experience and skills of these two central to the process it takes on an instant identity all of its own.

The EP kicks off with 'The Outside', a wonderfully dance-friendly blend of classic gothic rock elements and modern experimental electronics that is instantly addictive. 'Subtract Your Mind' moves into a more electronically dominated direction that has an air of late 90s Genitorturers meets Bella Morte vibe to it that while nostalgic in a sense, doesn't sound at all dated.

'Dirty Confessional' perhaps is the most scatter-gun sounding in its execution, however the elements are there – nice grungy guitars, and those late 90s style industrial rock electronics – it just doesn’t quite live up to the other tracks on the EP. The track list is brought to a close by the dirty and nasty 'Star Mercia' that delves headlong into Wax Trax! and Nothing era industrial rock for an instantly classic sounding finale to an enjoyable début.

In terms of the production there is a rough and ready vibe running throughout that is reminiscent of a cassette release. It isn't a bad thing though, it adds to the grungy rebellious atmosphere of the songs and actually compliments the more experimental and heavy electronic elements.

This is a very promising début from tow artists who individually already have the tools and experiences to craft great music, so together they should continue to create something truly special. Hopefully they will continue to explore this partnership on a full-length release sooner rather than later.  

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